EcoCivil is a proudly South Australian company with a passion for preserving the local environment. You can be assured your small to medium or high-risk environmental project will be delivered as economically as possible while supporting the health of the local ecosystem.

In everything we do, we are respectful of local guardian groups, including being culturally aware of the beliefs and land stewardship of Indigenous people. Maintaining established native vegetation on your site is a priority to promote positive immediate and long-term effects on the environment.

Our dedication to high-quality and accurate construction ensures your project is enduringly successful.

Experts in Environmental Enhancement

Our experience in road and carpark construction makes us experts in building or improving a paved, bitumen, concrete, rubble or cement-treated rubble carpark, road or track.

We can create new walkways and make existing tracks safer or bigger with an upgraded surface.

If erosion in water courses or storm water damage is a problem, we offer solutions to stabilise scoured creek banks using retention basins and rocks to absorb the water’s energy and redirect stormwater run-off. To further prevent erosion on your site, our revegetation service includes replanting on reworked areas, controlling weeds and spreading mulch.

Work with us to have rubbish and introduced trees removed from your site’s waterways, then create a healthier ecosystem using rocks and native plants. Your site’s stormwater outlets can also be retrospectively fitted with our custom designed, installed and maintained rubbish traps.